Exclusive Fairyland Party


you will have the following items as shown on the pictures above:

  • 10 unique themed handmade party invitations 
  • Full coordinated themed decorations* (balloons, flowers, wall tree, mushroom stools, grassy rough..etc) and set-up of the entire party at your location
  • Themed coordinated tableware *, centerpiece* and place setting (plates, glasses, forks, spoons and napkins)
  • Sparkling costume, wings, fairy wand and flower halo for the celebrated girl *
  • Flower halo and fairy wand for all your guests *
  • Hostess for 2 hours
  • Fairy music, games and crafting activities with our hostess
  • 10 themed handmade pre-filled goody bags 
  • 1  themed exclusive “Fairy’s Dream” cake or 20 “Sugar fairy” cupcake

Please contact us for details on costs and delivery.

Available upon request: 
Be spoke items and decorations
Vegetarian and Cute Food for kids
Photo service


Item marked with * are intended for rental and must be returned at the end of the event.