How it works

At Party and Cake for You we believe that each child is unique in their likes and dislikes.Some of them love pirate or dinosaurs and are ready for adventures, others cannot leave their beloved teddy bear alone and prefer a quit playground. …But we know that for all of them birthdays are terribly important!
Whether you prefer magical castles, sparkling fairies or avid pirates at Party and Cake for You we will create an enchanted moment for your little ones and their guests. We strongly believe that kids’ parties need to be special, they have to reflect your littleone’s dreams and last in his/her memory forever. This is our goal and the reason why Party and Cake for You is different. If you’re looking for something creative, elegant, special and unique, then Party and cake for You ……is for you!




We are a party business that comes directly to you. We take care of some or all of the details, from invitations and entertainment, to cakes, decorations and set-up. You can chose among different themed formulas, or you can have something designed and arranged especially for you. Just give us a call and you’re ideas will come  true. For non customized events, you have the option among three different packages which are detailed and illustrated on the “PARTY” section where you’ll find everything for your celebration.

  1. Whit the BASIC Package we will personalize the party with original invitations, cake or cupcakes and pre-filled goody bags, while you take care of decorations and entertainment by your own.
  2. With the DELUXE Package your venue/home will be decorated by our hostess with taste and elegance while reflecting the chosen theme. Invitations, decorations, cake or cupcakes and prefilled goody bags, will give  the magical touch to your party.
  3. With the EXCLUSIVE  Package, you’ll have gorgeous themed invitations, cake or cupcakes and pre-filled  assorted goody bags. Themed costume for your little  one and accessories for all your guests will be provided. Your venue/house will be set-up with exclusive themed decorations and  kids entertained by our hostess in an enchanted and unique atmosphere.
Please chose your theme on the “PARTY” section and contact us for details and costs. However, if you  cannot see what you’re looking for, simply ask us and we will be pleased to provide you a custom designed proposal.



We believe that invitations set the stage for your party since they are the very first impression your guests will have…. And you know that personalized party invitations tell your guests so much more than just the time and the place of your celebration. That’s why we consider creativity, design and text extremely important. All our invitations are completed with little special details, custom cut size, hand-tied bow  etc. With original designs and assuring the highest standard of quality we will create invitations that are exactly as you envision. Choose from our selection or contact us for a tailored creation. We have the perfect party invitation for you.



One of the best moment in a kids’ birthday party is when the cake arrives. ….And one of your best memories is to see your child’s face lighting up with wonder and excitement when he/she sees the very special birthday cake.
Inspired by a broad range of  children story tales, our cakes and cupcakes are designed to theme your party. We believe that dessert and party go hand-in-hand, so our cakes and cupcakes are very accurate in design and presentation and can be flavored at your taste.
They are already included in our formulas, however, due to their success, they are also available for selling separately. Therefore, you even have the possibility to just buy them individually.

Have a look at our CAKES and CUPCAKES sections for description and contact us for prices. Please, bear in mind that we can provide you with any kind of design, from the simplest to the most complex creation.

Finally, if you wish to complete your buffet with something different, we are sure that in our  ”CUTE FOOD & COOKIES” section, you will find what you need.



Absolutely original, our party bags are entirely handmade and pre-filled with treasures kids can keep.                                                                   Specifically designed to enhance the style of your celebration and to be the perfect take home gift,  they are the cherry on the pie for a truly memorable party.



Planning a Baby Shower is so exciting! It celebrates the arrival of a new life and honors the mother for bringing a special baby into this world. Maybe you’re the expectant parent, maybe you’re the friend of a soon-to-be-mom …either ways you are about to show your love for the unborn child! Stress free organization is particularly important during pregnancy, that’s why our experience, creative ideas, and decor accents will help you to organize a memorable celebration. To us it’s not just a Baby Shower it’s a memory in the making!

Please refer to the “PARTY” section for details and contact us for costs. However, if you  cannot see what you’re looking for, simply ask us and we will be pleased to provide you a custom designed proposal.


Whether you choose a pirate party for your young boy, need a sparkling fairy celebration for your little thinkerbell or looking for a sweet Baby Shower, we always strive to bring the magic and the enchanting atmosphere that special events must have. This makes the difference. This will make your child’s party unforgettable ! Party and Cakes for You, works for you.